Best Ceramic Cookware That You Deserve In Your Kitchen

Best Ceramic Cookware

When it comes to the best ceramic cookware there is a huge variety to choose from and even if you are an expert cook it is difficult to know where to start. The most expensive is not always the best and sets with the name of a well-known chef attached to them are sometimes more expensive than they need to be because you are – quite literally – paying for the name; a part of the purchase price goes to the aforementioned chef.

With that said, your choice will depend partly on the size of your family and partly on your budget. There are a number of sets on the market that only have one or two saucepans and are therefore not suitable if you want to cook for a family. However since there are less pieces these sets cost less and will be ideal for a single person. Here are our pick of the top four ceramic cookware sets.

Concord 7 Piece Eco Healthy Ceramic Nonstick Cookware Set

Calling this a seven piece set is, in our view, a little cheeky since three of the pieces are lids. You get a 3 pint and 4 pint saucepan together with a 10 pint Dutch Oven all with glass lids and a 9.5 inch skillet. White ceramic interior and a very pretty red exterior and handles.

Users have commented that they are extremely easy to clean and nothing ever sticks to them. Ideal for the single person and at less than $50 for the whole set on Amazon you really can’t go wrong at the price.

Rachael Ray Porcelain Enamel II Nonstick Cookware Set, 10-Piece.

With this set you get a 2 pint and 4 pint saucepan, a 12 pint covered stockpot, a 6 pint saute and an 8.5 inch and 10 inch skillet. The rubberized dual-riveted handles are oven safe to 350 degrees and the glass lids mean you can keep an eye on the food while it cooks. The exterior color is a bright orange reminiscent of Le Creuset. The handles and the lid handles are cool to the touch and the whole set comes with a lifetime guarantee.

It should be noted that these are not recommended for use on glass top cookers as the ceramic base of the pans may weld to the cooker. However, one user reviewing the set on Amazon said that she has a glass top cooker and has never had any problem. The set is not dishwasher safe, but as another user points out they are so easy to clean that it really doesn’t matter. I love Rachael Ray

De Luxe Healthy Legend 11-Piece Cookware Set.

This set of two fry pans, two sauce pans, a stockpot – all with lids – and a square grill pan all use the German Weilburger ceramic coating which is claimed to be ten times as tough as Teflon and even better than ceramic-titanium. In fact the only way in which you can damage the ceramic coating is to hit it hard with a metal object when it will chip. However it is totally scratch proof. The optimum thickness of the pan bases keeps them perfectly flat which is especially important when used with glass top or ceramic ranges, but of course they can be used on gas or electric hobs as well.

Although the uncoated pan and parts are made in Hungary the coating and assembly is all done in the German factory. The grill pan has ridges in the base which means that when you cook a pork chop or steak the oil can run down and you get a grill mark on the meat just as you would on a barbecue. As with many ceramic cook pots they are not dishwasher safe, but so easy to clean in the sink; it only takes a minute to have them up to their sparkling new look. Probably one of the best ceramic cookware sets on the market.

Orgreenic 16-Piece Nonstick Cookware Set.

With this set you have a 2 pint and 4 pint saucepan with lids, a 12 pint stockpot with lid, a 10 inch and 12 inch frying pan, an 11.75 inches square grill pan and an aluminum steamer insert. The set also comes with four utensils. The green non-stick, non-toxic ceramic coating has been tested in the laboratory to withstand thousands of abrasive scrubs and the food still slides out with no problem whatsoever.

Most users rave over this set. Certainly one or two say that they have had problems, but it seems that they have not seasoned the pans when first bought. All ceramics need seasoning, but all that is necessary is a little oil in the bottom of the pan, and heat until it smokes. Then just allow to cool and wipe with a paper towel. The Orgreenic Nonstick Cookware Set is definitely good value for money.

Easy Everyday Cooking is the Only Diet You Need

Easy Everyday Cooking

Many people want to lose weight but are having a hard time achieving that goal because delicious food is just too hard to resist.

Yes, the key to losing weight is a calorie deficiency meaning that you don’t take in more calories than your body can burn daily. But how do you make this possible?

It is a fact that most people love to eat. At parties, we are offered nibbles and alcohol. We love to dine out with family and friends at a nearby restaurants. When you go to the mall, you see fast food restaurants and food stands filled with people. Even in our own homes, we fill our kitchen with food and fizzy drinks. How can losing weight be possible with all the food around us?

Yes, we all love delicious food. But not all delicious foods are healthy for the body. The key to losing weight is to start by keeping track of the food that you eat. More importantly, prepare and cook your food yourself.

Serious About Losing Weight?

If you are serious about losing weight, staying fit and healthy, a balanced diet backed up with the right amount of exercise is the way to go. To help you get started with living a clean lifestyle through healthy eating and cooking, here are ways to help you make fast, easy, delicious and healthy food for you and your family.

Don’t be deep frying Mars bars instead you can prepare your favourite recipes in a more healthy way. For example, you can cut down on fats and salts. Use olive oil when cooking and try to use a little than what the recipe suggests. Olive oil has unsaturated fats and is considered to be high in good fats.

You can also try steaming, grilling, baking or poaching instead of frying to cut down on the use of oil.
Are you getting too much salt and not enough fibre?

When it comes to salt, you can put little salt on your food and just add other seasoning such as herbs, pepper, mustard, spices or lemon juice to add more flavour to your food.

Another tip is to eat food that contains more fibre to help you stay fuller for a longer period. Good sources of fibre are whole wheat bread, brown rice, sweet potato and oats. Avoid white rice and bread as they contain more sugar than their brown alternatives.

Salads are healthy, generally. If you put on too much dressing on it, it could also get you in trouble as dressings can contain fats. Instead of using mayonnaise for a salad dressing, use natural yoghurt or a vinaigrette.

Eating more fruits and vegetables is one way to eat healthily. However, it is necessary to eat them right to retain the nutrients they contain. Don’t go all caramel apples and chocolate strawberries.

A good serving size of fruit is half a cup to one cup per meal. For vegetables, flavour them with herbs instead of butter or oil. You can also use them as an alternative to meat. For example, you can place beans, peas and lentils instead of meat in your lasagne, shepherd’s pie or casserole.

Glorious meat and the tasty fat

Who doesn’t love meat? I bet a lot of people are meat lovers. Meat is a good source of protein but it also contain fats. These fats can be good for your system and are often cut from the meat removing the best most flavoursome parts.

If you can see the fat then you should be okay. It is the fats that you can’t see, that are hiding are the major threat.

If you are worried about the fat on your pork chop to help you come up with a healthy meal with meat as a main ingredient, you trim the fat from the meat and remove the skin from chicken before cooking it. Then instead of frying, you can bake, grill, poach or steam the meat.

When eating, take in small amount of chicken, pork or fish and fill the rest of your plate with fruits and vegetables and whole grains. Do as the Italians do, eat in order. Try and fill up on your salad followed by your meats then on to your carbs plus a lot of olive oil 😉

Quick cooking

You don’t have to be a gourmet chef or a highly-skilled cook to be able to prepare healthy meals everyday. You just have to know the right ingredients to use, those which have more nutritional value, and the basic methods of cooking the healthy way.

Using healthy cooking techniques will retain the nutritional value of the food that you are cooking. According to the experts, cooking food rapidly is the better way to keep the food’s nutritional value.

One of the ways to cook food healthily is through pressure cooking. Using a pressure cooker, food is cooked quickly. Some other healthy ways to cook food are steaming, stir-frying, broiling and grilling. All of these methods aim to cook food in a quicker manner and at the same time, retaining most of the nutrients in its ingredients.

With these tips and methods in easy cooking, you are on your way to preparing a balanced diet for you and your family. Indeed, healthy and easy everyday cooking is the only diet you need. Just grab a pan and get going.

Can You Survive Without These Cooking Pots and Pans?


Cooking is probably one of – if not the most rewarding hobbies there is.

Eating a good home cooked meal brings together the family, and most warms the person responsible for preparing the meal. However, cooking is not just about mixing the right ingredients together and coming up with the perfect taste for a specific recipe.

There are many elements to making that perfect meal . Other than the right ingredients, the cooking skills, and a spacious kitchen, having the perfect kitchen utensils and tools are also essential. Today, I’m talking about kitchen tools that help make cooking easier and better; the cooking pots and pans.

Are you ruining your dinner?

A good cook knows the importance of having a good set of pots and pans in the kitchen. Each one serves a different purpose and which one you use depends on the kind of recipe you are cooking.

Using the wrong pot or pan for a particular recipe could ruin the dish. So to help you in determining which tool to use, get to know the different kinds of pots and pans that a good cook must have in his kitchen.

Pots and Saucepans

Pots are perfect for boiling or simmering. A pot usually holds at least 2 quarts of liquid and has handles on both sides which help you lift the pot up easily.

On the other hand, a saucepan was as the name suggests, originally designed for making sauces. Unlike the pot that has two handles, the saucepan only has one but it is long enough for you to hold onto whilst stirring the sauce as it cooks. Another type is the casserole dish, which is ideal for slow cooking and browning meats and is used to cook and serve.

Frying pans and woks

A frying pan is used to heat food at a high temperature. They are designed for frying, searing and browning foods.

The sauté pan, is similar to a frying pan but it is made only for lower temperature, thus, it is ideal only for sautéing. A sauteuse is more like a sauté pan, only that it is deeper to allow you to add liquids to make sauces or stews. If you love steaks then a grill pan is what you want. Heated as hot as you can stick your steaks on.

Speciality cookware

Pans that belong to speciality cookware are those that are intended only for a specific dish or recipe.

One example is the paella pan, which originated from Spain, and is solely made for cooking paella, a rice dish mixed with chicken, chorizo and seafood.

Another example is the fondue which is designed to melt hard cheese and soften stale bread. You can also use this for a romantic Valentine’s day chocolate fest.

A tagine, originally from Africa, is used to cook meat and stew. It has a stoneware lid that is shaped like a cone which allows the steam to rise and go back down the dish to add more flavor. This last example of a specialty cookware is a clay pot perfect for slow cooking. And had been used since ancient times.

Metal or Clay?

Knowing the type of pan is only the first step. As mentioned the tagine is made from clay. Is that right for your grill pan?

Each pot and pan is made to serve a particular purpose, and the material it is made of plays a role in cooking and cleaning up easily. Pots and pans these days are normally made from cast iron, stainless steel or aluminum.

Cast iron pots are ideal for cooking large dishes. It is also good for browning food in an even manner. Stainless steel pans on the other hand are easy to clean and maintain. They are also dishwasher safe which makes these tools more convenient to use. When put on the stove they heat up quickly and distribute heat evenly.

Lastly, aluminum pots and pans are of a much lighter weight and prevent food from sticking on the surface of the pan. There is no one perfect material right one for you would depend on the dish that you are about to make and your budget.

Your Future Kitchenware

There are so many choices out there but if you plan to buy a set of pans and pots for your kitchen, choose to have them in different sizes as you may be cooking for yourself, for the family and at times, for a whole bunch of guests.

Happy cooking!


Cutlery and More

Today was a real eye-opener for me when it comes to cutlery and more specifically knives.   I met my very first cutler.

Call me stupid, I never new there was such a thing!  Thinking about it now, I can see why – it is a very specific profession and with superstores competing.  If you google it you won’t come up with much information, most of it is on Jay Cutler (pro footballer).

He told me – the cutler not Jay Cutler

Never give a knife as a present.”


When asked why, he refused to tell!  So, after buying a brand new knife I came home and found the answer.

What that old man did teach me, and something that you might already know is that a good knife is essential to a kitchen.  I would be very surprised if you had not seen chefs walking around with huge rolls of knives.  Every chef must have her own set of knives, cutlery and more.

A great salesman.  If he had more time, he could have me walking out the door not only with the pairing knife but a huge collection costing $1000s!  A pretty penny indeed.  Which brought me to – How expensive is a knife?

Check out this one that I found on

Expensive Cutlery and MoreMade from sterling silver and eight diamonds.  It has to be the most expensive kitchen knife at


Amazing, huh?  But don’t worry, you can get great cutlery and more for well under $39000 and you need a good, sharp knife.

He listed so many reason why this is true and I will regail you with two.

A sharp knife is safer than a dull knife.  Safety in the kitchen is important to everyone.  You will save fingers having a sharp knife because it will slide into everything.

I thought, ‘if a sharp knife cuts everything then surely I will loose more fingers rather than save them’.

 “You are dead wrong!” He answered.

According to him, most slicing accidents are caused by not having a sharp knife.  A dull knife will slide off whatever you are cutting and straight into your finger!  Ouch.

Secondly and very simply:

a sharp knife means fewer cuts and so fewer chances of an accident.  Having to hack your way through a slice of beef with a dull knife is not fun.  Wouldn’t you rather glide through in one smooth stroke?

There truly are hundreds of reasons why having the best cutlery and more critically, a sharp knife is important.  Knife making is really fascinating and truly an art form.  After all, professional chefs take a lot of time picking out the right knife – why shouldn’t you?

Buying Cutlery and More

My first ever knife was a Santoku knife and I still have it today.  They come highly recommended both on or here at  The reason I like it so much is that it is sharp and well built and balanced.  The pricing depends on the quality of steel, whether full or partial tang, and how the knife is assembled.  Have a look at Santoku on wikipedia.